Wedding Receptions

Planning your wedding is fun and exciting, until you realize the amount of work it takes to pull it all together. Deciding on dresses, suits, food, entertainment, drink menus and more…  Instead of having to guess whether the bartender you hired off craigslist knows how to make all the drinks on your drink menu. What if you could make one part of your wedding simple and easy? At Cardinal Mixology we use our years of experience and easy process to make your wedding a smashing success. Want to learn more?

Wedding Reception Resources

Planning a wedding is challenging. It takes effort to create your dream wedding and then you need to go through piles of vendors. But, what happens if you pick the wrong ones? We know that your wedding is important and picking the right people to work at your wedding reception matters. So we’ve created resources to help you ask the right questions while you’re looking for vendors. Check out our resources below.