What is a Mobile Bar?

Are you planning a cocktail party, corporate event, or wedding reception and in need of bartending services for it? Perhaps you’ve got a conflict: you want your event to serve alcohol, but the venue (the office, home, banquet hall…etc.) doesn’t have a bar. 

One solution, of course, is to host your event at a bar itself. You’ll have bartenders already on staff if you do that. But you’re unlikely to have that private, intimate, space that you may have been hoping for.

Technologically, we haven’t reached the point where we can beam the bartenders and bar rails to the event space like they could in Star Trek. So if you’re hoping to host your event at an office, home or a banquet hall, then you’ll need your bartender, and the appropriate supplies, to come to you. This would be done via a motor vehicle, rather than beaming up. That’s exactly what a mobile bar does!

There are still a few questions you may be asking about mobile bartending services, such as:

Does the mobile bar need a liquor license?

Definitely not. A liquor license is necessary for a bar, or for any establishment which directly sells liquor. That doesn’t apply if your event is merely serving liquor. 

By speaking with the person, or company, who will provide your mobile bartending services beforehand, you can figure out just which drinks are going to be served, and purchase the alcohol for the event, as a private individual, for those drinks to be provided. The best part is that whatever liquor gets left over is yours for the keeping! 

Does the mobile bar need to have a bartending license?

No. There are no federal bartending licenses that are required to serve alcohol. There are bartending certifications, which are typically not required to serve alcohol. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance that the bartenders at your local watering hole are not certified. But that doesn’t mean that it makes no difference whether you hire a certified or an uncertified mobile bartender.

A certified bartender or mixologist, who has gone through the necessary steps to become certified, is far more likely to have the full knowledge of drinks, and their ingredients, to be able to serve just about any cocktail you would want to be served at your event. An uncertified bartender, who may be very familiar with how to make the drinks served at that local bar, does not provide that same assurance.

Does the mobile bar need to be insured?

The answer to this varies by state. But general liability insurance is very highly recommended for anyone, or any company, that is selling or serving alcohol.

If something unfortunate does happen (although it is rare), and the mobile bartending service isn’t insured, guess who could very well end up getting stuck with the liability: you!

That is why it is strongly advisable never to hire a mobile bar or a bartender off craigslist who isn’t insured.

How do I even find a mobile bar for my event?

You can ask around, and check if any of your friends or family know of anyone. But if you’re reading this, then you know we have a thing called the internet, and that all you need to do to get started is Google-search something along the lines of “hire a mobile bar near me.” Then you’ll need to set aside a good chunk of time to go through the list of options making sure that they are professional, experienced, and most importantly insured. If you want to save that time, then save that time by booking your free consultation with us, Cardinal Mixology.


If you happen to be in West Michigan, near Grand Rapids, Holland, or Rockford, then you’re in luck: Cardinal Mixology is the mobile bar for you!

Our mixologists at Cardinal Mixology are all certified bartenders. We meet you anywhere in the area, provide your event with the tastiest cocktails, and serve them with a smile. We are also insured, to cover any misfortunes that may happen to your guests during the event, until the time that they arrive home.

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