The Best Signature Wedding Cocktails This Year

You probably already know that the staples at any wedding are beer, wine, and champagne. Beer and wine have been making weddings lively for as long as we’ve known how to ferment. Champagne, and sparkling wine, have been around since the 17th Century, and have since risen to become the preferred drink to make a toast to in the centuries that followed.

But we live in a modern age, with more drink options than ever before, and a customization of just about everything (including, of course, our beverage choices) has become increasingly standard. With mobile bartending services, a mixologist is able to show up just about anywhere, to serve signature drinks exclusively for an event. And with all of this progress, it is no surprise that signature drinks have become increasingly popular for weddings. 

Are you planning a wedding which has a particular theme? No problem! So long as that theme isn’t “temperance,” there’s probably an appropriate wedding cocktail to match it. A professional mixologist can help you figure out just which signature drink will work best for your wedding. 

How to Create Your Signature Drink

The steps to figuring out, and even creating, a signature drink for your wedding are rather straightforward. If you were to meet up with a good mixologist, before the big day, he or she will ask you three questions:

What base alcohol do you prefer?

There are plenty to choose from, including the staple drinks of weddings, as well as the various liquors such as rum, vodka, whiskey, bourbon, scotch, tequila, gin, and plenty of liqueurs. All the mixologist needs to know is which of these you would prefer.

What is the theme of your wedding?

There are, of course, countless themes to choose from for your wedding. An Irish-themed event may call for a signature drink with a green tint (that can be done). A Roaring 20’s-themed event may be a call to put a spin on the old Gin Rickey. Knowing your theme gives them the framework to help you craft your signature cocktail.

What kind of flavor do you have in mind?  

The mixologist needs to know just a few basic details about your preferences, meaning whether you would rather have something a little bit spicy, or perhaps herbal, or floral, or fruity…etc. A professional mixologist knows just what will bring out these flavors in any drink, and can even create a new signature wedding cocktail which is just right for your big day.  

The 10 Best Signature
Wedding Cocktails This Year

All that being said, here is a list of some of the signature cocktails being served at weddings this year: 

10.  Strawberry Hennessy

A mix of Hennessy, Champagne, and strawberry syrup. This fruity drink is becoming increasingly popular at weddings!

9. Mai Tai

This rum-based fruity drink has long been a characteristic of Tiki culture, and is the perfect drink for many beach-themed weddings.

8. Tequila Sunrise

This very pretty drink has just three ingredients – tequila, orange juice, and grenadine – and is served unmixed to preserve the color of each layer.

7. Berry Mojito

Another popular fruity cocktail, made of rum, seltzer, lime, berries, and mint, and served on the rocks.

6. Manhattan

This popular blend of whiskey (typically Rye), sweet vermouth, and bitters, garnished with a cherry, will make anyone feel classy.

5. Cosmopolitan

This fruity cocktail is a blend of chilled vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice is typically served in a martini glass. 

4. Old Fashioned

Another classy drink. This whiskey drink begins with the muddling of sugar, a dash of water, and bitters, and is served with an orange.

3. Rickey

This classic cocktail, which was famously mentioned in the Great Gatsby, is a blend of either gin or whiskey (usually Bourbon or Rye), with soda water and squeezed lime.

2. Sangria

Summer is the season for weddings, and also the season for classic blend of wine and fruit. The precise recipes for this fruity drink vary wildly, even within Spain and Portugal, where this drink comes from, that there is no “standard” way to make it. This means that a Sangria can be made unique for your wedding! 

And, last but not least…

1. The Cardinal

This is one of our very favorite signature cocktails. This fruity drink, made of aged rum, Maraschino Liqueur, Triple Sec, and Grenadine, is refreshing, fruity and oh so pretty. It has class, and might just be the perfect drink to serve at a spring or summer wedding.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Signature Wedding Cocktail Takeaways

Every wedding is unique, and there is the right signature cocktail for each one. 

If you’re planning a wedding, are in need of guidance, and just so happen to live in the areas near Grand Rapids, Holland, or Rockford. Then know that our mixologists at Cardinal Mixology are there to help you craft that perfect signature cocktail. Your wedding should be unique, just like you.

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